Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using water and nutrients instead. It has many advantages, such as saving space, water, and money, as well as producing higher yields and quality crops. However, hydroponics can also be challenging, as it requires constant monitoring and maintenance of the plants and the system.

One way to make hydroponics easier and safer is to use a sliding 5-gallon bucket with a new raised grow top. This is a patented product that allows you to grow vegetables hydroponically in a standard 5-gallon bucket, but with some unique features. The bucket has a raised center bottom and ridges that enable it to slide smoothly when pushed or pulled, even when it is heavy. This makes it convenient to move the bucket around and work on other buckets, especially in a small area. It also helps to prevent injuries and strain on your back from lifting heavy buckets.

The new raised grow top is a special lid that fits on all 5-gallon buckets and creates an extra 3 inches of space for the roots to grow. This allows the plants to develop longer and healthier roots, which can improve their growth and productivity. The raised grow top also has a basket that holds the plant and the growing medium, such as stones, rockwool or coco coir. The basket has holes that allow the water and nutrients to reach the roots, while keeping them aerated with a small air pump (comes with the Sliding5gal)and moist.